Newcastle started in professional services and this remains a core competency of the organization. Few other organizations in the industry can offer the skill sets required for an effective full-project implementation; most only offer project management for the components they are producing. Our strengths and experiences allow our clients the flexibility to have a single project or a complete turn-key strategic initiative coordinated, enabling everything to fit into place on time.

Not all strategies and projects are directly related to manufacturing, and many are foundational for the success of a company. Back-office and enterprise-level implementations are important. Having installed and upgraded several management systems, we understand data and process mapping, managing software development life-cycles. and requirements gathering. We are also experienced in project recovery – restarting and completing failed or stalled initiatives has been a major component of our consulting and project management scope.



Project creation and implementation of two new production facilities for an organization within two years, assisting the company in achieving increased revenues by over $10 million.

Project management for the installation of a new distribution center which allowed the client to realize greater savings due to strategic positioning between the vendors and retail locations.

Program implementation of critical software upgrades for a national utility across seven states to address the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) regulatory initiative.


Starting a new venture or project is much more than simply bringing in equipment and resources. It requires careful thought and execution, and increasingly an eye to the constraints imposed by local and non-local governments. Our experience with new product lines and facilities has always been focused on how they can be established effectively and efficiently in order to maximize gains, not on how the industry is doing something.

  • Production

    Created a 10 man production line in a 15,000 square foot facility that capitalized on established technology combined with robotics and outside strategic agreements. The firm’s competitors required over two acres and 100 team members for the same processes. ROI was estimated at 1.5 years.

  • Implementation

    Replaced a legacy system with an integrated and enterprise-wide warehouse management package that allowed the client to accurately forecast inventory movement and determine purchase requirements based on corporate strategies, reducing excess inventory, purchase costs and the associated administrative overhead across the organization.


Visibility through data is one of the largest areas of strategic advantage today; once data is gathered it can be utilized to refine processes and gain insight into the business. Without it, non-optimal decisions are guaranteed. Data driven analytics are a necessity in the competitive marketplace. With former executives and current CPAs on the team we are able to assist in the implementation of metrics and software to give operational visibility.


  • 1

    Assisted an organization with a revamp of their accounting structure and methodology, allowing them to restructure their debt obligations, allowing for a faster payoff cycle and reduced monthly outflow. This in turn allowed for a faster payoff of other equipment.

  • 2

    Converted a manufacturing organization to SAP, including changing to a standard cost methodology, creating multi-tiered bills of material and correcting existing ones, and restructuring the chart of accounts to allow for these changes.

  • 3

    Trained a team on inventory control and physical inventory procedures, and monthly close reconciliations related to inventory control.

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    We at Newcastle believe that we have one of the most agile and competent services teams in the industry. And with our years of experience helping others succeed, we know that we can assist you in your endeavors. Contact us and let us show you how we can be your team.


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