Building  for  our  clients'  success

Our mission is to meet our clients' needs by providing the professional services experience and manufacturing capability necessary to make their products successful. Newcastle couples proven project management expertise and a “make it happen” directive to consistently deliver on-time results. We are committed to our clients’ success...



Agility and Innovation are the hallmarks of success - our business is set on this foundation.


We  thrive  on  "making  it  happen".  We  are  committed  to  providing  excellent  service  and  products.

We thrive on the motto “whatever it takes”; we believe that this is a necessary perspective in creating successful projects for our clients in today’s global economy. Our business model was designed to be scalable to the customer’s needs – from single part runs to a complete turnkey solution that involves management of the total project from our site or the client’s. We decided early on not to provide only ISO quality work, but to offer comprehensive services that truly assist our clients in getting their products to market and maintained as quickly as possible, maximizing their ROI. The competitive landscape does not allow for delays in obtaining components, assembly or testing. We are committed to providing the services that surround the development life-cycle to ensure that the time and cost of our clients’ projects are controlled and have resources dedicated to meeting the objective. With our combined experience in the industry on the production floor and the back office, we are uniquely positioned to satisfy our clients’ needs.


Newcastle started as a consulting company in 2002, offering professional services for the manufacturing, logistics and supply chain industry. In 2015 Newcastle created a new manufacturing division to complement our consulting practice and address the needs that have arisen in multiple sectors. The decision was made to use our industry knowledge and the team’s experience to create a unique and more complete solution for our clients – one that helps address the almost universal question: Who will make it?


If there is a term that describes our team it is “mission capable”. Our team is highly skilled and has years of experience in their respective fields. Many of our team members are certified in their specialties – quality inspection, PMPs and CPAs. From manufacturing to aerospace and ISO requirements to engaging in project management and back office disciplines, our team is dedicated to our clients’ projects and overall efforts. Our team has been formed to maximize tactical capability without creating excessive overhead, increasing our agility to meet the project goals.


We at Newcastle believe that we have one of the most agile and competent services teams in the industry. And with our years of experience helping others succeed, we know that we can assist you in your endeavors. Contact us and let us show you how we can be your team.


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Email : [email protected]

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