Our mission is to meet our clients' needs by providing the professional services experience and manufacturing capability necessary to make their products successful. Newcastle couples proven project management expertise and a “make it happen” directive to consistently deliver on-time results. We are committed to our clients’ success...


Starting a new venture or project is much more than simply bringing in equipment and resources. It requires careful thought and execution, and increasingly an eye to the constraints imposed by local and non-local governments. Our experience with new product lines and facilities has always been focused on how they can be established effectively and efficiently in order to maximize gains.

At Newcastle we are project and program managers, with certified PMPs on the team. We have spent the last 15 years controlling the project life-cycle to assure our clients’ goals were met. We remain committed to this discipline today.


As a client advocate and team member we understand quality and deadlines. On-time delivery of in-spec components isn’t just critical – it is the single most important expectation that the industry has. We strive to machine and assemble components that ensure our customers’ success but we offer more than that; from basic production runs to collaborative R&D accelerated cycles, we remain customer centric, at both the PO and project level.

The industry is moving rapidly and expected to grow exponentially in the next decade with technological advances in all sectors. Development life-cycles are shortening to meet the existing demand, emerging needs and competition. At Newcastle we have determined that we will meet those needs, be a leading manufacturer in the industry and we will assist our clients in building their success through intelligent manufacturing and assembly.

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    “Doing business with Newcastle Manufacturing has given me the opportunity to add a valuable vendor to my supplier base and also an asset. Their approach to business not only offers quality parts but a relationship that could easily be long term. Business can be challenging, and with a like-minded team, success is attainable”


September 2, 2016

Land, Air and Sea

How Unmanned Vehicles Are  Changing the Landscape The landscape of unmanned vehicles is ever changing – new assets are coming online for the first time, and existing technologies are being upgraded to meet needs or scrapped outright. Today unmann...


February 9, 2016

Assets  vs  Constraints

Ayn Rand is quoted as saying “We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”. Every project has constraints. It is a fact that resources are not limited and a positive ROI is expected within a given timeframe....



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