As a client advocate and team member we understand quality and deadlines. On-time delivery of in-spec components isn’t just critical – it is the single most important expectation that the industry has. We strive to machine and assemble components that ensure our customers’ success but we offer more than that; from basic production runs to collaborative R&D accelerated cycles, we remain customer centric, at both the PO and project level.

The industry is moving rapidly and expected to grow exponentially in the next decade with technological advances in all sectors. Development life-cycles are shortening to meet the existing demand, emerging needs and competition. At Newcastle we have determined that we will meet those needs, be a leading manufacturer in the industry and we will assist our clients in building their success through intelligent manufacturing and assembly.

We  meet  our  clients  needs  in  multiple  ways:
  • Single-unit demand – we can produce single components for R&D or replacement parts that are not readily available.

  • Batch runs on production schedules -we created a business model that ensures quantity runs are a core strength of the division. With 3, 4 and 5 axis capability we are able to produce in fewer operations what other potential suppliers may require multiple machines to complete, creating additional costs and lead times.

  • In-house R&D we can schedule for your team to come to our facility, review components in real time, make adjustments and re-run in order to greatly reduce the development life-cycle and increase ROI. This fits in well with our service of “make and test” (see our testing facilities page for services). We will reserve machines and can “black out” the calendar if you desire to work on your designs in a secure setting.

  • Assembly we have space dedicated to the assembly of components to facilitate production and packaging. This service allows for a faster turnaround time and fewer unintegrated processes to produce your finished product. In addition, we can set up assembly to allow for a complete turnkey solution where we use our facilities as both a consolidation point and kitting area which allows you to sell product directly without a direct labor component to worry about. This service can be with our without Newcastle creating any of the components of the kitted or package products. Our competitive costs make either option a viable alternative.


We at Newcastle believe that we have one of the most agile and competent services teams in the industry. And with our years of experience helping others succeed, we know that we can assist you in your endeavors. Contact us and let us show you how we can be your team.


Phone : +1.940.521.1794
Email : [email protected]

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